Check-list of Recent Clausiliidae

Hartmut Nordsieck (V.2015)

This list is the updated version of the List of Recent Clausiliidae which was presented in my book (Nordsieck 2007: chapter II).
The subspecies concept of this list is that used in previous papers (Nordsieck 2007: chapter VI; see also website art. Subspecies concept in South European Clausiliidae). Not all subspecies given in the list can be regarded as well-defined, because the knowledge of subspecies depends on the knowledge of the respective group. Now as before, this knowledge is very different.
For critical comments on Welter-Schultes' (2012) guide of European non-marine molluscs (and on the respective pages of the data base AnimalBase, of which the book is composed) see website art. Critique.

Clausiliidae Gray 1855

Phaedusinae A. J. Wagner 1922
Serrulininae Ehrmann 1927
Laminiferinae Wenz 1923
Garnieriinae C. Boettger 1926
Neniinae Wenz 1923
Alopiinae A. J. Wagner 1913
Mentissoideinae Lindholm 1924
Baleinae A. J. Wagner 1913

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