About hnords.de

About hnords.de

Mr Hartmut Nordsieck passed away unexpectedly on the 24 October 2022 at the age of 82.

I would like to thank all those who inspired him with their interest in malacology and especially those who made their material available to him for his research. His extensive knowledge, which he was always willing to share with others, will be missed by us all.
This website will remain online to keep the general information on the family Clausiliidae available, as well as the articles that he was no longer able to complete and submit for printing.
Sigrid Hof, 04.11.2022

The website www.hnords.de serves as a sort of internet journal for the malacology of landsnails (with special regard to Clausiliidae) and will present unpublished articles, discussions of taxonomic problems, taxa lists and reviews of books and papers. Contributions are written in English. As I hope, the website will help to increase the knowledge of this important group of molluscs.

Die Internetseite www.hnords.de dient als eine Art Internetzeitschrift für die Malakologie der Landschnecken (mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Clausiliidae) und wird unveröffentlichte Artikel, Diskussionen taxonomischer Probleme, Taxalisten und Besprechungen von Büchern und wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten enthalten. Die Beiträge werden in Englisch geschrieben. Ich hoffe, dass die Internetseite die Kenntnis dieser wichtigen Molluskengruppe fördern wird.

At time (2022), the following scientific articles (with chapters) are posted on the website:

Albinaria species in Crete:
Introduction and species list, shell morphology, genital morphology, allozyme and DNA analyses.

Genital studies of enantiomorph taxa pairs of Alopia:
Introduction, genital studies of enantiomorphs.

Charpentieria itala: subspecies, species, superspecies:
Introduction and history, results, appendix: DNA studies on Charpentieria itala.

Delima – a genus with high diversity:
Introduction, shell diagnoses and distribution, genital characters.

Fossil Clausiliidae:
II. Pliocene and Pleistocene Clausiliidae from central Europe north of the Alps: Faunas from Pliocene to early Middle Pleistocene, records of Pliocene and Pleistocene Clausiliidae from central Europe, faunal and species changes.

Garnieriinae – Neniinae:
Check-list of the Garnieriinae:
Tribe and genus diagnoses, distribution and phylogeny, check-list.
Check-list of the Neniinae:
System, distribution and phylogeny, check-list.

Papillifera papillaris, a common, but little known species:
Introduction, history, modern work, subspecies division, distribution in other Mediterranean countries.

Revisory remarks on the species of Siciliaria from N. W. Sicily:
History, system.

System changes in Phaedusinae:
Introduction, Motochin et al., Mamos et al., system based on shell morphology, evaluation of morphology, conclusions.

Clausilia dubia – a revision based on informative shell characters:
Introduction, systematic part, dubia in Styria, fossil record.

Strigillaria group – genus and species taxa:
Introduction, characters, diagnoses of species taxa.


New Book on European Door Snails.

Published in September 2022 by ConchBooks, Harxheim.